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Through PhD thesis and collaborative projects, with public as well as private partners, EPEU carries out researches in the following main topics:

  • Smart grids and micro-grids

  • Energy markets

  • Net zero energy builds and districts

  • Renewable energies and storage systems

  • Wireless power transfer

  • Power electronics for railways and space applications

  • Modeling of electromagnetic devices using numerical methods

The research activities involve two main streams of focus:

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Power Systems and Markets


Contact: Prof. F. Vallé, Prof. Z. De Grève


Power & Energy Conversion

Contact: Prof. Olivier Deblecker

Interested in one of these research topics ? Please contact the related group leader.

Ongoing PhD theses

  • J. Allard, "" (Supervisor: Z. De grève)

  • P. Favaro, "" Supervisor: F. Vallée)

  • J. Faraji, "" (Supervisor: F. Vallée)

  • H. Khaloie, "" (Supervisor: F. Vallée)

  • M. Scohier, "Advanced control solutions for enhanced resilience of multiport power electronic converters" (Supervisor: O. Deblecker; Co-supervisor: C. Valderrama)

  • T.-H. Nguyen, "Improved offshore wind generation modelling in power systems adequacy evaluation by use of Machine-Learning proxies" (Supervisor: F. Vallée)

  • L. Sadoine, "Multiplayer Games and Prospect Theory for the modeling of Renewable Energy Communities" (Supervisor: T. Brihaye; Co-supervisor: Z. De Grève)

  • A. Rossel, "Reactive Power Management in Renewable-Dominated Electrical Power Systems" (Supervisor: F. Vallée; Co-supervisor: Z. De Grève)

  • A. Hosseini, "Multi-Resolution Forecasting and Advanced Bidding Strategies of Wind Power Producers Providing Ancillary Services" (Supervisor: F. Vallée)

  • B. Vatandoust, "A Data-Driven Approach to Demand Response Modeling in Generation Adequacy Analysis" (Supervisor: F. Vallée)

Published PhD theses (since 2015)