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A new chair in Energy Electronics at UMONS

The University of Mons (UMONS) and ALSTOM Belgium SA company, through its Transport subsidiary, have signed in early 2021 an agreement of 5 years to create a new academic and research chair in Energy Electronics within the Electrical Power Engineering Unit (EPEU) and the Research Institute of Energy. This chair is part of a global structured partnership strategy between the members of the “Cyber Physical System in Energy conversion and Transportation” (CPSET) innovation platform and several Belgian universities.

The main objectives of the ALSTOM chair, which is scheduled to start in September 2021, are:

  • To contribute to the creation of a regional center of excellence in the field of Energy Electronics through the implementation of higher education and training programs adapted to the needs of industry;

  • To reinforce excellence in research at UMONS in the field through the successful achievement of ambitious R&D projects in partnership with industrials of the CPSET platform, and, possibly, other stakeholders from the industry and/or academic world;

  • To improve a network around the theme to the benefit of UMONS and the CPSET members as well as the main regional, national and European stakeholders.

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